In-Game replay and Highlights now available!

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Yolted Platform Team

We are proud to introduce our In-Game Replay feature. This feature enables rounds to be replayed instantly in the client without reloading the game or stopping your game session. Rounds are instantly made available to the player to replay upon having been finished. This single feature can have three distinct use cases that all ads a lot of value to the players experience but also for you as an operator of our games,


History Replay

History replays are available to a player in the in-game history menu option. A player can pick any of his last 200 rounds to replay and experience again simply by pressing the replay button next to the round.

The player will not need to reload the game for this to work and the best of once the replay is completed regular gameplay can be resumed.


Each round played can be generated into a URL that can be shared in marketing or social media. Player data is then anonymous but the full experience is preserved for others to enjoy and be inspired by.

It's a great marketing tool enabling you to continuously push out content showcasing big wins and great player experience.

Here is a sample of a highlight.

Support Replay's

We are also making this tool available in our support tools to allow your support staff to rewatch rounds. This is great for training and to investigate any reported issues.




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