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Lucky or not?

Type: Swipie
RTP: 96%
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Max Win
5,000 X
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Try your luck in love with the new Swipie from Yolted.
SwipeGF lets you meet Alice, Amane, Izumi, and Riko in the bustling city of Tokyo. With some luck, they might let you take them out for a date!

SwipeGF is a collaboration between Yolted, Japanese graphic artists and voice actors with the goal to create a unique game with a Japanese cultural theme using strong female characters.
Every time you swipe you make a bet and have a chance to meet one of the girls, however, if you are unlucky you meet the rabbit mascot.

If you swipe the same girl twice you enter the DATE round. All 4 girls have their own preferred place for a date and it’s up to you to make the right choice. If you make the wrong one she will end the date before getting the chance to win!

If you make the right choice you enter the BONUS round and get a chance to win big if you make the right MOVE.
Each girl has their own distinct personality, portrayed by Japanese voice actors to add engagement, narrative and depth for your players.

If a payline contains 5 wild symbols it will pay the same as the highest paying symbol (The countess) which is 1000X your bet. This game also adds the Super fast and built in Blitz to a new type of game that adds an extra level of excitement. It also supports the regular SHOCK promotional tools, Free Games, Frenzy and also the Feature Triggers.