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Section VIII: Rise of the Damned

Can you defeat the army of the damned?

Type: 6 Reel Slot
RTP: 90% / 94% / 96%
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6 Reel Slot
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90% / 94% / 96%
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Very High
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Max Win
50,000 X
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The world has been at peace for almost a century; the forces of the damned have all but been forgotten and remain only in myth and legend.

Yet, as the 20th century begins, feelings of despair and pain grow as the world nears a conflict of previously unknown size.

Dark forces that have slept for centuries stir in the darkness, fueled by hate, anger, and growing evil, as humanity stands on the brink of war.

Alastor has woken, and Section VIII’s worst fears have been realised.

Eons after his defeat at the hands of Section VIII, Alastor now feeds on this energy to grow his strength and rebuild his army.

Help him turn the living into the damned and raise an army of Ghouls and Vampires to take over the world.

Notable for their secrecy, Section VIII was created to defend all things living, but it has long grown complacent and fallen into corruption.

Despite internal struggles for power testing their resolve, there are still members who continue to fight for good and believe in the living.

Will they be able to save us, or will Alastor raise an army that cannot be defeated?

Section VIII series

Section VIII: Rise of the Damned is the first release in our ‘Section VIII series’ with a deep narrative that focuses on the rebirth of the damned and their rise to power.

Yolted aim to create innovative and unique entertainment that engages players with localised content and more depth than traditional casino games, providing thrilling narratives tied directly to in-game events to engage and electrify players.

We look forward to revealing more of the story as we release the coming games in the series.

The game is a spiritual successor to the success of “Vampires Gone Wild”, one of our first releases and uses all of the feedback from Japanese players to create a series of games that will continuously delight.

The game has experienced success thanks to its explosive bonus game and the introduction of SUPER BLITZ, allowing players to quickly step into the bonus round while maintaining complete control.

Section VIII: Rise of the Damned features a multi-tiered free spin bonus game focusing on Plague mechanics where the main antagonist, Alastor, turns regular symbols into wilds.

Every free spin affects the outcome of the next as the number of wilds builds up, and the likelihood of spreading the wilds grows exponentially providing constant excitement, engaging players.

It also offers a tiered ‘Bonus Buy’ feature where the player can choose to buy bonus rounds at different levels, depending on their appetite for risk.